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Hebrews 10: Verse 24: Let us consider how we spur one another on toward love and good deeds

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Mere's Edge Federation

Hebrews 10: Verse 24: Let us consider how we spur one another on toward love and good deeds

Meet our Governors

Elizabeth Edwards - Co-opted Governor

Chair of Governors

Term of Office 21/10/20 - 20/10/24


I have lived in Cockshutt since 2004, when my husband and I decided to settle and raise our family. My children have both attended Cockshutt CE Primary and I have been a Governor since the Federation was established in 2017. I am a qualified Solicitor working for The Ministry of Justice advising on criminal and family law. I enjoy using my legal training to help the Federation in all aspects of compliance. I am committed to securing educational  opportunities for children within an enriched environment.  


Meetings attended in previous academic year:  7 of 8

Declaration of Business Interests updated 2022/23


John Dickin - Vice Chair of Governors

Foundation Governor 21/10/20 - 20/10/24

I have lived in Cockshutt all my life and attended Cockshutt CE Primary School as a child.   I am proud to be part of our Federation due to my interest in the community and its heritage.   I love to talk to the children and support the schools in any way I can.   I have been a governor for a long time and have been privileged to be part of the change when we established our Federation, I am proud of all we have achieved together for the good of our schools. 

Meetings attended in previous academic year:  5 of 8

Declaration of Business Interests updated 2022/23


Mandy Jones - Executive Headteacher

I am the Executive Headteacher of Criftins C of E Primary School and Cockshutt C of E Primary School & Nursery. I consider it a privilege to be a part of such an effective, skilled Governing Body. The Governors like to challenge me and they constantly provide the support the Federation needs, to maintain its drive in creating places where children love to learn.‚Äč It is encouraging to sit beside people who are fully committed to the school and the community; we benefit from the historical picture and passion this group of volunteers bring to every meeting.


Meetings attended in previous academic year:  8 of 8 

Declaration of Business Interests updated 2022/23


Mr. Gino Ruston - Co-opted Governor

Term of office 22/9/2021 to 21/9/2025

'As an experienced teacher I thoroughly enjoy working at Criftins. Having worked for 3 different authorities I have gained vast experience across a wide range of  Primary Schools teaching a variety of classes. I live locally and place great emphasis on supporting the local community and our school.   The role of a governor is a huge undertaking which involves many meetings throughout the year, all of which shape the future of our schools and federation. It is a role I enjoy immensely as a valued member of a hard working team.  In my spare time I enjoy working on my collection of modern, classic and vintage cars. I also have a passion and talent for DIY, there's always something to do!'


Meetings attended in previous academic year:  5 of 8

Declaration of Business Interests updated 2022/23


Kim Baker - Staff Governor

Term of office 22/9/2021 - 21/9/25

" I have been teaching for 12 years and I have worked at Cockshutt for 3 of these. Prior to this I have worked in two small rural schools and a large primary, teaching in all year groups. As a governor I am keen to support and develop both schools to create strong and successful learning environments for all of the children and staff. In my spare time I enjoy walking, reading and gardening".


Meetings attended in previous academic year:  5 of 8

Declaration of Business Interests updated 2022/23


Dominica Kunz - Co-opted Governor

Term of office 27/9/17 to 21/9/2025 (re-elected 22/9/21)

"My name is Dominica but most people know me as Minnie. A Cockshutt resident since 2011, I have always seen the village school as a vital cog in the life of our community. The first time I entered the school I was impressed by its happy atmosphere and by how confident and articulate the children were. In January 2014 I decided to offer my services as a volunteer reader/helper and I consider this to be one of the best things I have ever done.


I take an active part in village life - the regular community coffee mornings, the W.I., the annual horticultural show, CADS, and the church - and I would love to encourage even more interaction between the school and some of these diverse groups as I feel it can only benefit all involved, young and old.


During my working years I was initially involved in manufacturing, working mainly in production planning and scheduling, then as PCs were becoming more widely used within the workplace I changed direction and worked first as a programmer and then as an IT trainer teaching computing skills to adults. My main subjects were spreadsheet and database at all levels from basic up to and including programming."


Meetings attended in previous academic year:  8 of 8

Declaration of Business Interests updated 2022/23


Louise Reeves - Co-opted Governor

Term of office 24/10/19 to 23/10/2023

My links to Criftins School began when my oldest daughter joined the school in 2012. She has now left for secondary school, but my other two daughters are currently pupils. Over the years, I have seen how the school has emerged into an outstanding school, providing a fantastic start for my children. In more recent years, Criftins has grown in strength through it’s federation with Cockshutt School. 

I bring to the role of Governor 20 years experience in Human Resources in Local Government, and a real passion for supporting the aims of the federation. 


Meetings attended in previous academic year:  7 of 8

Declaration of Business Interests Updated 2022/23


Rebekah Coleman - Parent Governor

Term of office 4/10/21 to 3/10/25

My name is Rebekah Coleman and I am a parent of Lea and Lexie, who are currently both pupils attending Criftins school.

Growing up in the village of Cockshutt, and having attended Cockshutt Primary for my early years education, I am now a part of the Criftins community in married life.  I believe this gives me a unique insight in to both of these rural schools - I feel honoured to be working for these communities and their pupils' interests by joining the Mere’s Edge Federation team.

In recent years, I have been supporting Criftins school through the PTA and the Pre-Loved Uniform Service, which has allowed me to create relationships with parents, and help the school raise funds.

In my professional life, after achieving my degree, I took on a variety of administrative roles and managerial positions, followed by work on a Government funded Project within a university. Since the birth of our eldest child, I have worked from home on our farm, utilising these experiences and the knowledge gained to help run the family business.

In my spare time I enjoy playing flute, singing classical and operatic pieces, crafting and researching my family tree and our local history drawing links to our past with present day, and seeing how our communities developed.


Declaration of Business Interests updated 2022/23

Meetings attended in previous academic year:  7 of 7


Dr. Janet Gargiulo - Local Authority Governor

Term of office 27/9/2017 to 21/9/2025 (re-elected 22/9/2021)


I have lived in Criftins all my life and indeed attended Criftins Primary School as a Child as my children did and my grandchild does today. I work as a Senior Lecturer at Glyndwr University where I am programme leader for the Specialist Community Public Health Nursing programme. Living in a rural community and working in a public health capacity has meant that my interests have engaged me in the pursuit of supporting health and well-being. It is true to say that one of the main factors that increase a person’s ability to achieve their optimum health and well-being is a good education.
Therefore, by taking a particular interest in the quality of education the children receive who attend this primary school, feel that I can offer my knowledge and experience to support the school to enable it’s pupils to care and achieve through their live course as a school governor and parish councillor.


Meetings attended in previous academic year:  6 of 8

Declaration of Business Interests updated 2022/23


Catherine Wilson -

Co-opted Governor from 27/1/21 - 26/01/25

I had always wanted to teach. Although Shropshire born and bred, I started my teaching career in Cardiff and over the years I have taught across three local authorities covering all of the primary school age range. In 2007 I was appointed as Early Years coordinator and SENDCo at Criftins C of E Primary School, later progressing to Assistant Head. I became increasingly interested in understanding children with Special Educational Needs.

In 2013 I retired from full time teaching but when Mandy became the head at Criftins in January 2014 I felt very privileged to be offered the post of SENDCo. I have worked with Mandy for over twenty years and I knew that she would be an inspirational leader for the school and later the Mere’s Edge Federation. 

Since joining the Governing body in 2018 I have been impressed by their genuine dedication and commitment to working together in order to provide the very best for our pupils. 

In my spare time I enjoy walking and the creative arts. I am involved in several organisations from playing the piano for two local choirs to church organist.

Meetings attended in previous academic year:  6 of 8 

Declaration of Business Interests 2022/23


Philippa Burrows - Parent Governor

Term of office 25/11/22 to 24/11/26

I moved to the area in 2022 and have two girls at Criftins.  I have great faith in the two schools; our children are so kind, individual and creative and I really believe in the culture of both schools to nurture uniqueness and celebrate success.

After graduating with a maths degree, I started my career as an actuary.  Several years later I wanted a change in direction and qualified as a maths teacher.  Currently I work part-time as an examiner.  I look forward to drawing on my experiences to support Mere’s Edge Federation.

Declaration of Business Interests 2022/23


Kelly Gregg - Co-opted Governor

Term of office 18/1/23 to 17/1/27

Having moved from Lancashire to Criftins in 2013, my eldest son started school in 2014. As a public health school nurse, I have devoted my nursing career to supporting the wellbeing of children throughout Shropshire. This has been mirrored in my personal life, having been involved with youth work from an early age, first as a youth leader and then as a youth councillor for Lancashire. Keen to support children from all backgrounds, I have setup and taught free dance classes to children in underprivileged areas and played a key role in the Duke of Edinburgh award program. I have also pursued a successful career in the Civil Service prior to nursing from which I gained many skills in leadership, project management, and collaborating/partnering. I have a passion for developing and safeguarding our children and am proud to be able to bring my experience to the Meresedge Federation.

Declaration of Business Interests 2022/23


Resigned in the last 12 months

John Hynes - Co-opted Governor

Term of office 24/2/21 to 23/2/25 (resigned 24.9.22 due to other commitments)


Rev.Andrew Cranston

Foundation Governor

Appointed 8th February 2021 (resigned July 2022 due to moving out of the Parish)

Rev. Diana Barnett

Foundation Governor

Resigned July 2022 due to moving out of the Parish


Sally Harris - Parent Governor

Parent Governor

Resigned October 2022 due to children moving on from the school to make room for a new parent governor.  Remains a supportive partner of the school for the Arts Award. 


Mark Sobczak - Chair of Governors - Co-opted Governor

Term of Office - 27/9/17 to 21/9/25 (re elected 22/9/21)

Resigned 23rd November due to increase in work commitments.