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Hebrews 10: Verse 24: Let us consider how we spur one another on toward love and good deeds

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Hebrews 10: Verse 24: Let us consider how we spur one another on toward love and good deeds

Journey Day

During the Autumn Term 2016 we began to recognise that children did not have a great deal of time to reflect upon their learning and Christmas was no exception.   We wanted to dig deep into the key events in the Christian calendar so that children really understood why we celebrate Christmas.   We set about writing a day of learning and reflection which would make the stories and traditions come to life. This day was a tremendous success.  There was a completely different dynamic across the school as children from different year groups worked together to explore Christmas. 


Since the success of Christmas reflection in 2016 we have embarked on a journey of spiritual develop and learning termly.  Have a look at our websites to follow our journey's.  We have explored our values, sang songs, created expressive pieces of art, walked across fields, built dens, explored our heritage and much much more. 


We have also begun to share our ideas with local schools and they too have begun their own journey. Read the testimonies below to see how this structure could impact your school.   If you could like to get in touch for some personalised supportive CPD please fill in the contact us form below. 


"Journey Days provide such a valuable opportunity to really 'dig deeper' into our R.E Curriculum.  The children engage with the R.E Curiculum, Key Christian beliefs, texts and core Christian values through various activities; art, drama, English, P.E, music.  The children enjoy working co-operatively and independently, as well as involving the Community.  Where possible, Journey Days access, the indoor, outdoor and village areas.  They also ensure that children 'understand the impact' Christianity plays in every day life and society.  Throughout the day there is time for reflection and the Spiritual element that comes to the surface is truly amazing!"  Angela Poole, RE Lead 


"I first came across Journey Days whilst covering as a supply teacher at Criftins school. The day was wonderful to be part of. Children mixing from each year group, moving around the school and village to deepen their understanding of the Christian faith was refreshing to see. I loved how every activity reinforced the other and was cross curricular. The community involvement was encouraging too. 

When I became RE lead at a different school, I knew I had to have a go at planning my own Journey Day. Just before half term, once the children had settled into the new school routine, we had a Journey Day around the theme of 'foundations'. The children had a great day often quoting it as one of their favourite days of the year. The chair of governors and RE link governor also attended the day and wrote a glowing report at the end of it.

Journey Days provide children with an opportunity to ask those big questions that might not be relevant in an RE lesson. They allow children the space to think about what they believe and how the world around them works. They are a great addition to the school calendar. " Johanne Price RE Lead

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